About Us

The Faces Behind the Freshness

AJ Jundi

The marketing mastermind, drives brand brilliance with strategic savvy and creative flair.

'Marketing isn't rocket science, but sometimes it feels like I'm launching soap into orbit!' #GRITSQUAD #AthleteFounder

Joe Moubarak

Joe, the soap maestro, orchestrates our operations with a blend of expertise and a dash of creativity.

From the mats to the soap molds, I'm here to keep you clean and smiling! #GRITSQUAD #AthleteFounder


The #GRITSquad isn't just a group it's a community, a family, united by a passion for combat sports and a commitment to excellence. Together, we strive to elevate our performance, support each other's journeys, and embody the GRIT spirit both on and off the mat. Join us today!

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